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Season changes make me nutso.

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Just seeing if anyone else experiences this...


I can't stand when the seasons change. It's not because of the outward, physical manifestations that come with the change...it's more of the idea of what the season is supposed to be...ice cream in the park in the summer with my two (nonexistent) children...hot chocolate on the couch in the winter with my (nonexistent) boyfriend...WTF?


And I guess it's not just seasons...for example, Donna Summer songs make me nostalgic for the 70's (I was born in the late 80s)...I get so sad sometimes about things I never experienced...not because I never experienced them...it feels like I experienced them, I'm just sad that things aren't still the same as they were...rationally speaking, I know I wasn't around in the 70s, but it feels like I was.


Does any of that make sense?!

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I dont if i feel exactly the way you do but spring makes me sad because its such a beautiful season and i used to love it before i got ill but now im too depressed to enjoy it. i dont even feel like stepping outside too see the warm breeze and the pretty blooming flowers dont make me feel anything anymore :(

Everybody with bp talks about going manic in the spring but im super depressed and it sucks. Not that mania doesnt but atleast i would feel stuff

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i was also born in the late 80's and i get what you mean


i view the 70's when my parents where teenagers as this dream, with small towns and the smell of freshly mown grass, and

the fashion,hanging out drinking coca cola. everything i missed out on.


yes im crazy i know.


spring is a dangerous time for me as i get a sense of hope and wonder and anything might happen, but then the saddening thought

of not leaving the house and my weight problem.


winter i look forward to as it's time to watch dvd's, pig out and shut myself away and everyone does the same.


summer is the worse. there is such a thing as seasonal affectiveness but this usually applies to people being depressed in winter, im the

opposite, im worse in summer, i used to be bulimic and being fat now it's a huge stress.

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Yes...that's pretty much what I'm talking about. I'm so hyper-aware of things that sometimes they become real, even if they were never real to begin with. It's great sometimes when good things happen... like riding a merry go round going 90 miles per hour while tripping on acid. But at some point I just want the ride to stop so I can get off. But it never stops.

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This happens to me, too. It's happening right now. You'd think winter would be the worst, but nope... April and May are the worst months for me. Mixed episodes. The kind where I'm depressed with enthusiasm. I guess part of it is because I really want to go outside and enjoy the warmer weather, but feel too sick to do it, so I almost sort of resent all of the birds and flowers.


I'm a bit older, so I guess I don't have the same nostalgia regarding the 70s. I do remember things being very different as a kid from even the stuff my brother experienced (he's much younger than me and was born in the late 80s). A lot of stuff changed, like being allowed to Trick or Treat unsupervised, or parks having metal slides that burned your ass. Not all of the changes were for the worse ;-)

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I used to get SAD, but now if I use my light, it makes me hypo-manic. I usually have a bounce up or down in mood for time changes, which are usually only 3 or so weeks long. Then starting in mid-June and lasting until early or mid-August, I am soooooooo crazy. I hate when you know what is going to happen, and you can't stop it. Although I am also crazy right now, which is a bit off schedule.


As for nostalgia for things that happened before you were born, I don't think that is unusual at all. You can even see it in fashion, they are constantly "throwing back" back a couple of decades.


I used to feel that way about the 60s, which was the generation right before mine. The stuff you like is attached to the generation right before yours. It was stupid of me to even want to go to the 60s, with the riots and bombings and wars. But I loved the music, and the clothes, and the "What if they held a war, and no one came?" sentiments. All of my friends and I dressed like "hippies," and since it was the height of the Preppie era (late 70s/early80s), we actually did kind of look different (which we wanted).


When I was in law school, suddenly the clothes were all based on 70s shapes and styles. In the 90s. One generation later.

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