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melatonin / anxiety & depression

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i'm a former pothead who has stopped smoking weed for 5 weeks now (woo hoo!). the anxiety and worry i've been suffering from has been completely crippling.  i'm working this week on a temp job and it's been almost impossible to deal with.

last night i took 1.5 mg of melatonin to sleep, along with some diphenhydramine. and today i feel like a different person.  a lot of the worry has gone, i have a more positive attitude, and i'm not worried about my situation nearly as much as i was previously.

does anyone have any experience with melatonin & anxiety? does it affect seratonin at all?



(still undiagnosed after weeks of freaking out...... ;) )

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I am a proven laboratory sleep depived non drug affected individual who can openly sleep with 3 mg melatonin and 250 mg doctor prescribed l-tryptophan).Blessed are these pills compared to 60 mg of temazepam

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melatonin actually has depression listed as a side effect iirc.

so no, i don't think it helps fight anxiety/depression.  a good night's sleep will make anyone feel good.


Just going with what the doctors say - and there are other studies that point to an AD effect.

Besides, it's helping 'tijn for just that.

My *bet* would be that the AD effect is from improving sleep or bolstering existing levels so a

person's serotonin levels aren't cut too low in producing enough melatonin to sleep.

However,  there are antidepressant/anxiolytic drugs in the testing pipeline that target

melatonin (Valdoxan,.Agomelatine (S 20098) ) receptors - so we may both

be wrong.

Also, "depression" as a side-effect is a slippery term. Excessive sleepiness is considered a

sign of depression, and too much melatonin - for example, in an open trial with a healthy

volunteer - should accomplish just that.  For what it's worth, many of the ADs will cause

the opposite of expected effects in some people: Cymbalta carries a suicide warning,

Wellbutrin puts a number of people to sleep, amphetamine is prescribed for its *calming*


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A 1973 study including only 4 people with depression found that melatonin supplements actually worsened symptoms of the condition. For this reason, individuals with depression should consult a healthcare practitioner before using melatonin supplements.

from: http://www.umm.edu/altmed/ConsSupplements/Melatonincs.html

I've found that when I take melatonin more than one night I feel like shit.

But YMMV obviously, and if you feel fine taking it, then good for you ;)

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the drug rozerem is supposed to bind to melatonin receptors.  i think its a newer sleep med, and might not be that widely prescribed yet.  my doctor gave me a sample blister pack with three pills, but from the two i took i don't think it had much effect on me.  hopefully they'll come out with something better, or maybes i just can't get to sleep normally regardless. 

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my DO recommended melatonin and it works wonders for me.

i have a bunch of anxiety disorders, no depression per se. nighttime and mornings can be bad. but 3mg melatonin makes all the difference, especially as i've been tapering my valium.

i've heard one develops a tolerance but after almost two years it's still a charm -- within 30 minutes i'm ready to sleep peacefully. maybe someday i'll taper it too but i'll cross that bridge then.

my dad recently dropped his ambien for melatonin and, although it took a week to adjust, he likes it much better. plus it's cheaper. and he doesn't sleepwalk anymore, which is a relief to me.

just our experience, ymmv. aloha.

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Guest tony mann

taking (exogenous) melatonin will suppress your own production but it does not stop working. After puberty we make very low levels anyway to almost nothing in our 80s. Best sleep aid EVER. Rozarum does the same thing,100 times the cost with the potential for liver damage but the drug company gets the cash. Melatonin does NOT knock you out like ambien or trazodone, it puts you in a quiet waking state and sets your internal clock for the next days sleep also so try to go to sleep at the same time every night.

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Guest missy13999

Depression and anxiety are actually listed side effects for many prescription anti-depressants. Go figure.

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