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just diagnosed + starting a new job

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My pdoc just diagnosed me as adhd. I've known for a while but the only reason I brought it up was because I was almost fired from my brand new job thanks to my "inability to focus". So. I got a prescription for Vyvanse and here I am.

Any tips for being in a work environment and starting new meds?

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Hmm, maybe I have something constructive to say here out of my own experiences.  I started working out of college at age 20, wasn't diagnosed with AD/HD until age 23.  Unsurprisingly, there was a job termination interim due to improper handling of equipment (although with the labor market the past several years, terminations are given out like candy).  Hey, I'm a bit of a klutz, require slightly more expensive instrumentation to do my work, and once had to be reminded twice to do something (together, these constituted adequate grounds for termination).


When I was 23 and at another job, I made a classic AD/HD airhead mistake (ordered a wrong component because I submitted a requisition for a part number that was off by one digit, manufacturer refused to refund the $10k it cost).  The combination of a lot of very profuse apologizing, days of calling the vendor to try and secure an exchange with the correct parts, and some very generous supervisors who understood that we all make mistakes... all saved my butt.  But the more important part was that I knew that was the time to seek treatment for AD/HD.  With the proper diagnosis and meds, I'm better with attention to detail, and moreover, can more easily make like orange juice and concentrate. :smartass:


Starting the AD/HD-specific meds wasn't rough for me, at least.  When I was 23 (at dx), I was already on one stimulant (modafinil), and it was simply getting switched with a more potent one (methylphenidate).    I agree with the above suggestions to start on a weekend.  Vyvanse (which I did try once at the age of 25) has a reputation of acting differently in different people.  FWIW, it did nothing for me, and I went back to Concerta, and am still on the latter.  Vyvanse might work better for you and it's worth a shot IMO.  Talk to your pdoc if it doesn't function as intended, is all I can say...

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