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diagnostic criteria met, social aptitude lacking

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Hello or Hi or Hey or Hola or....


I am a 27 year old nutcase (could be rotten by now o.0) diagnosed with PTSD and DID. I have surfed (Duuuuuude.....) the net a fair bit looking for a community that felt welcoming and comfortable. Synopsis of that catastrophy is that because I refuse to shit fluffy bunnies, fart glitter and equate cyber hugs and an over abundance of trigger warnings to verbal vomit I am not well liked in the DID communities. Likewise decent PTSD communities tend to shun me because I have DID and OMG other parts inside of me actually dare to post on their board.


I have been through more misdiagnosis than I can comfortably remember and far more medications that didnt work of had uncomfortable and intolerable side effects. Finally about 7 years ago a therapist saw what had been missed and thus the diagnosis of DID and even more shockingly treatment that helped. I was tapered off of the medication that had turned me into a zombie (and no I didnt start an appocolypse :P). It was only about two years ago that we found medication that actually helped my symptomatic insanity.


My system consists of well over 300 parts that I know about. However, only about 40-50 interact with one another and myself internally on a regular basis. While about 15-20 of us interact with the outside world except my therapist unless there is a NEED for someone else (rarely anymore). We range in age from infancy to 51 years old and have more differences than I could list in this post. We are fairly coconcious and rarely lose time anymore. We have a history of self injury, disordered eating, and insomnia. We struggle to interact with others in a way that is aspergers like in nature (If only life was like a math problem).


Mental health aside we enjoy playing video games, namely World of Warcraft (For the Alliance!). We are in a relationship that is usually wonderful in every way, at the moment he is being an ass, his medication needs readressed. Him and I currently live with his sister and brother in law, in hot and and humid Florida (It is a wonder people here havent grown gills as a means of adaptation.). I have a service dog that is amazing and helps me in so many ways.


I think I have rambled enough and dont know what else to say. If you have questions about us ask.


So hello and hope to hang out here a bit.





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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I always ask newcomers to read the User Agreement, and I hope you and your crowd will do that if you haven't done it already.


We have an active blog section that you might want to check out, and a pretty lively chat room.


Don't be afraid to contact a mod if there is anything you don't understand.


We do have a few unicorns running around this place spewing glitter and farting rainbows, but feel free to ignore them. :)



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