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I'm Glad I Found This Place

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Just posting to say that I'm new here. Sort of. I mean that I've been reading threads here for a while, but just now registered an account. I accidentally stumbled across this site while researching brain chemistry (Bipolar II), but I'm really glad to have found a "first person" site. It's such a huge relief, and I tend to rage far less while reading threads here than on other support boards. I also really appreciate the non-hugbox atmosphere. I'll try my best not to be an asshole.


So thanks to everybody for all of the help and information you've provided before I even joined the community.

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Welcome to our happy Asylum.  Well, happy is a relative concept, eh?


Be sure to check out the chat room if you feel chatty, and the blog section if you feel bloggy.  Your blog can be public or private.


Let us know if you need help with anything.



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