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I am new (obviously). Diagnosed w/bipolar, anxiety issues, major depression. I tend to isolate. Used to be very creative but have lost interest. Enjoy photography,art,poetry and music. Finally found a good pdoc and it seems that he is getting my meds straightened out.

I have yet to find a therapist that I like. Have tried group therapy,support groups,etc. Not very good in group settings as I generally don't like people. My father is a minister so I grew up under alot of pressure to be friendly and outgoing even though I felt very shy.

I have been married 15yrs. Wonderful husband,very supportive. He, however has his own issues. Retired USMC, Vietnam vet, Desert Storm vet. He suffers from PTSD,depression,anxiety.

I have two adult children, one with bp, social anxiety and the other with depression. I often feel guilty as if it's my fault that my children also deal with "mental illness." This according to my ass of an ex husband.

The one real joy in my life is being a grandmother! The other is my pets. My doggies are the best!

I have created an album on this site of some of my hobby pics. Check it out if you like. Glad I found a place where I can be expressive and not judged.


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Hello and Welcome to CB!  


Its difficult to maintain your creativity when you're not feeling well.  Perhaps trying to take small steps to get back into what you enjoy would help.  Maybe just get out your camera and/or your poetry and see if it sparks an interest.


Sometimes finding a therapist you connect with can be difficult.  I encourage you to keep trying.


Congratulations on being a grandmother!  What a joy!  And pets are wonderful.


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I look forward to seeing your posts on the board!

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