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Getting off Latuda (Has anyone tried this yet?)

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So I still find myself completely wiped out almost 6 weeks after getting off Zyprexa, so it's been brought up that I get off Latuda as well.  I wasn't supposed to be on an AAP in the first place, it was just to bridge a gap while I got on Lithium.  I guess my question is has anyone gotten off of it completely and how did it go?  Also, if you've gotten off of it and not just switched to another AAP that would be helpful too, as I'm going to not be replacing it with anything, just with the other meds I'm currently on.  I just can't function with the somnolence.  Thanks in advance. 



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I was on Latuda a while ago. It never did anything good for me. I had no side effects from it either. When I went off it, there were no problems or side effects from going off of it. I didn't feel any different. However, everyone is different, so, it may have affected others differently. Good luck in going off of your latuda. 

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