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I've already posted - should have done this before. Oh well, I do have a reputation for doing things the wrong-way-round.


Call me Kat, if you want. 


I've been a member on a few other mental health forums, and then on google one day I stumbled across this site. I loved the names for the sub-sections :D


I have been diagnosed with clinical depression - dysthymia with the occasional major depressive episode (double depression). I had my first major episode when I was eleven; I'm now in my early twenties. It's been a long road. I've dropped out of college, lost most of my friends and alienated a lot of people (unfortunately both family and friends) due to this illness. I got help and I'm trying to work my way through it, but as you will probably know, it's fucking hard. 


I'm back at college for the second time now, and I hope it works.


Erm what else. I don't know; I'm really not that interesting. 


Anyway. It's nice to meet you all. 

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Hi there!  I'm glad you found CB.


I started college six years ago and am still going.  I've taken lots of breaks because of MI.  I like to think I am taking the scenic route toward graduation...


I hope you like it here.

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