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I'm not sure if I should be posting this in here I have a compulsion to pick the skin off my lips and I do it until there bleeding well I still carry on even if its bleeding a lot it's like I don't feel right if I don't do it , it's hard to explain even as I'm writing this there's like an urge to do it and I can't ignore it my lips are Raw and it's realy sore someone told me it could be OCD? Does anyone know if it could be OCD?

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There are lots of topics on skin picking on the boards. I'm sure if you search here you'll find some.


Some people categorize their skin picking as a compulsive behavior associated with anxiety. Some people categorize theirs as an impulse control issue (which is where it is in the DSM). Some people's skin picking looks more like intentional self injury. You need an in person consult with a properly trained and licensed provider to determine if your behavior meets criteria for OCD.


Regardless, you are welcome to discuss it here.


When I get REALLY REALLY stressed I will find that I get small sores on the inside edge of my lip from chewing on it. It's been bad enough that it made eating painful, but thankfully not in several years.

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I used to be a lip biter. Then I would pick at the scabs. One day I decided it had to stop.


Here was my strategy. First, lip biting/picking is often brought on by licking your lips because they're dry.  So:

step 1 - always carry a Chapstik. 

step 2 - while your lips are healing, also carry a small tube of vaseline. Use that in preference of the chapstik. Have a tub of vaseline at home - apply before bedtime and any other times your lips are dry or you want to pick.

step 3 - As the lips heal, scabs and skin layers will come off. Rule: only remove this while looking in a mirror; get some tweezers so that you can be more "surgical" about it. Took me about 6 months before all the layers came off.

step 4 - maintenance - use the chapstik when you're out and about; use the vaseline at home - and always apply before bedtime.


Stree-wise, get a substitute - say a stress ball. 


Good luck.

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I have this problem. I guess I scratch myself in certain spots (mostly on my legs) to alleviate the intrusive thoughts of my OCD (for some reason it feels like it alleviates some of the stress) and unfortunately, those little scabs keep getting scraped off and are hard to heal. I have had to just be very vigilant and clean the little sores and treat them with neosporin several times a day. If they don't heal, they will just keep getting scraped off. I guess you could do the same with lip balm and first aid cream, and just try to catch yourself before it gets out of control.

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