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robot on speed

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im really acting out of character though which is spooky. i mean i am very often depressed like 99.99% of the time but lately my mood has changed still depressed, so not manic i dont think, but i have stopped sleeping roughly getting 4hrs a night.

i used to stay asleep when ever i had the chance. but now i am wide awake, i am very very irratable, my thoughts race, i cant stop talking, serious case of verbal diahorriea, and i have the shakes back.

I am on a mood stabliser, an antidepressent and an antipsychotic but my doc basically doesnt believe in labels and wont say "you have ______". I understand his reasons for not doing this but at times i feel a bit lost and i dont know where i stand.

Anyway my question to u guys and girls is do u have to be happy to be in a hypomanic mood??

Im displaying all the sympotms of hypomania but i dont feel extremely happy but at the same tiome i am not crying my eyes out.

I just seem to be in this bizarre mood where all is racing, thoughts, heart, i got the shakes, cant stop tapping my feet, cant sleep, talking way to much, posting like a mad women .

so can u b hypomanic and not really happy or really sad, i guess the best way to explain me at the moment is like a robot on speed.

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so can u b hypomanic and not really happy or really sad, i guess the best way to explain me at the moment is like a robot on speed.


YES. Dysphoric mania is characterized by irritability, racing etc. Darker, more hellish versions are mixed states, combo of mania & depression. There's a posting I think, above explaining all this.

Offhand, I'm guessing you're gettin' too much AD action. Dunno. If you can, try using the energy for good, like cleaning or something.

good luck,


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Heya Iona Viona,

God that sounds like my dysphoric hypomanias.

I've never had a "fun" hypomania.

I get the complex of energy plus irritability plus anger plus not sleeping.

Scary times.

Call somebody.  Mixed states (so say the books) are worse then plain depression or mania.


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this mood isnt lifting i thought for sure this would pass but i am just messed up. i just went shopping with a friend a task i would normally find very daunting but i was able to quite happily spend well over $300 in less then two hours on things i dont need, namely clothes and underwear.

i've only eaten one thing today, going from completely binging just a few short weeks ago to losing my appetite. my thoughts are racing i am acting like a total pain in the bum to everyone cause i cant shut up and am iacting like a child. im still not sleeping although i did pass out yesterday after i drank enough vodka to make me settle down.

my shakes are getting worse, my skin keeps going numb in spots on my face.

im not feeling anything though not happy not sad, kind of like a shild in a big candy store with lots of things to stimulate me and entertain me but no feelings towards any of that,

can some one explain a bit more about dysphoric mania for me? im about to go have a read of the dsm about it. but any info may help, i got into see my p-doc on tuesday so i think i will print my two popsts out and give them two him so he can read how i feel. is that an ok thing to do?

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hey Viona-

Dysphoric mania is often called a 'mixed state' in that it is a mixture of mania and depression happening at the same time. Classic symptoms are as you've descibed. Lots and lots of anxiety and agitation.

The worst mixed state I ever had was really nutty. I drove like a bat out of hell, I couldn't concentrate because my thoughts were constantly racing. Basically I thought I was going insane. I couldn't sit still, I was popping Ativan like it was going out of style and it still wouldn't slow me down. Every little thing pissed me off. I just didn't care about anything. I started having paranoid delusions.

It's probably the worse feeling a person can have and often leads to suicide. Hang in there and try to get a med that will work for you. Mine occurred when I was yanked off Lamictal and put on Zonegran. Obviously the Zonegran didn't work. All I had was my benzos and a prayer.

It will eventually pass but will reoccur if not treated properly.

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