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So last night was my second night on 900 mgs of lithium and 150 mgs. of wellbutrin and two mgs of ativan. I laid in bed with my mind racing and my heart pounding and my body jumping for hours it was brutal!

Does anyone know if these are normal side effects and if they will ever go away?

This is certainly not what I had in mind when I decided to get medicated.



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I swear I thought I had drug induced torrettes, I would jump out of my skin, twitch say fuck ten times roll over twenty five times and then do it all over again........................I have figured out how wellbutrin can make you lose weight!


Swearing makes you lose weight? Oh b******s!  ;)

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Well, Welbutrin made me irritable and a bit zippy when I was starting it. So this might be what's happening. Persisted several weeks, but not at original intensity. Exercise might help mellow you out a bit. I'll bet even a walk would, in case you don't like being sore from sudden increases of unaccustomed activity.


I've always wondered what b******s meant. I mean, I know it's something bad when spoken in Britain, and I know how to spell it without the asterisks, but I don't know the meaning. In the US, I think you'd just get a blank look from most people. To me, it's mostly the name of an obscene (apparently) rival band in the title of that Sex Pistols album.

A couple of days ago, I was at this weird bike shop with a friend. He's a bit naive in some ways, I suppose, despite considerable experience hanging out with bike messengers, corroded alcoholics, psychotic girlfriends, and sleeping in ATM booths when it snows. He wanted a bike trailer for his groceries. It was called "Bu***r". He didn't understand why I stepped back and put my hands over my butt when he expressed enthusiasm about it. Why they should call a bike trailer that I don't know. Had to explain the whole thing, including my flashing wit about the delayed bike mechanic who must have been "b******d" when he descended into the dingy depths of the storage area, where anything could have lurked.

I'm going to have to learn that comedy routine about the nine words and practice it.

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