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Hi :)

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I'm new around here.  Some of you know me from around the world as Suzza.

I'm 19 years old, soon to be 20.

I have a cat and am a pirate ;) .  Well, I just wanted to use the pirate icon. Actually, I see now it is a trigger sign.  O dear.

Anyways, there is stuff about me like ptsd, bulimia, ednos, S.I, bipolar, but that is not very important, at least I don't think.  I go to university and until this semester was doing splendiferous.  I am on TOPAMAX and it is a long weekend and I am freaking the hell out but they told me to keep taking it because if I stop I might seize.  And I wouldn't want that.

Sorry if this is strange.  It feels labourious to type today.

I am in northern BC Canada but I am from Vancouver area.  I want to go into Education and get my masters, but I am also thinking of getting a history PHD and being a proffessor.  That would be amazing. I was baptized this summer.  I know other boards I've been at, people didn't like that.  Said God was a crutch. I said, So what? Someone to love me anyways.  And in Him, I am whole. It's important to me, so I thought I'd share.  I don't want to hide anything anymore.  I am tired of hiding.  My  parents don't know.  I hide what they did to me from the world and I hide what the world has done to me from them.

Anyways.  Random. 


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Hiyah Suzza.

I love the last thing you said about your parents and the world. I can relate to that so very much. Strange is good. We are all crazy here. It'a wonderful. It's amazing. We unite and we talk and we share and we care. It is absolutely wonderful that you have found God and that He makes you whole. There is a wonderful board on religion in which you might find some other members to talk to, speculate, rejoice, and such who have also found God, in some form or another. Take a peek in the lower regions of the boards and there you will find it.

I'm glad you could join our crazy family here. We also have a wonderful chat board through mirc (and other platforms depending on your computer) that you may like to check out. I'm there pretty much every night, maybe we could chat sometime!

I hope you will find this place to be as much of a home as I have found it to be. Crazyboards and the people who run it and the people who use it help to keep me together when I feel like falling apart. And when I am feeling somewhat sane and whole they make me smile and they make me laugh. I always feel better after every visit to the boards and the chat. Always.


P.S. Random is my favourite. Fuzzy teddies and cinnamon hearts. Booyah.

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HI LemonGrace, Welcome.

Crutches, splints, duct tape, chewing gum, bailing wire... whatever it takes to keep going as long as it's legal.

We even have a forum for those trying to shed addictive things and one on spirituality (way down at the bottom).

Feel free to post and wander around.


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Hey LemonGrace/Suzza....My name is Lisa...Im also on Topamax...along with Keppra and Depakote ER...for epilepsy and bipolar and some other interesting stuff...hehe...

I think its awesome youre going for youre teaching degree, and you sound like youre into some pretty interesting things (history)....

There are plenty of boards here that can offer advice on Topamax, bipolar, SI...etc...just about anything, even a spiritual thread. Just look around...Anyway, its good to have you here, welcome to Crazyboards!...Lisa_K

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Hi LemonGrace!  I like what you said about being a pirate  ;) , I've dreamed of my cat and I on the high seas.  My cat would be clawed to me, a natural life preserver!

It takes alot of courage to share your faith.  Most everyone I come accross here respects each other's beliefs.  And that is rare.

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