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Transferring stims

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dd is embarassed because she does a lot of handflapping/grimacing/teeth gnashing still and some of the kids at school make comments about it.  She is 8 (in a regular 3rd grade classroom) and it seems to be coming back again, she was able to control it for a while. How can she transfer her stimming to another more acceptable outlet?

I was thinking maybe a bracelet so she can fiddle with beads on it but she has SID so that may bug her too much.

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My 13 y/o son has sensory issues also & has the hand flapping problem.

We have given him some silly putty that he carrys around with him at

school for him to fidget with, another option is a stress ball or one of

those pens with the little spring on top with either a feather or some other

little thing that he can fiddle with.

Not sure if it will help your dd, but it does help Zac. He also likes to carry

a keychain with beads on it sometimes & he is a real zipper freak.

Best of luck to you.


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