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Hi all-

pdoc just took me off zyprexa since it seemed to be doing more bad than good. my question is if anyone who stopped taking zyprexa lost the weight the gained immediately, even with no change in appetite/exercise?

i'm one of those rare cases that appreaciated the weight gain and i would be very upset if i were to lose it. do you think i'll still keep it as long as i don't start working out or dieting- or does the weight just drop when the pill stops?



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I think our body chemistry our too individual to give a definite yes, the weight can come off without exercise.

When I stopped a combination of Zyprexa and Lithium, some of the initial weight did come off without any lifestyle changes. But, the Lithium also shut down my thyroid and once the synthroid kicked it that may have had an effect as well.

I still have some weight I would like to lose, and for that I don't think anything will work better than the tried and true method of a good diet and exercise.


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