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APs suck for me


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Risperdal - agitation to the point where I couldn't still, I had to always be crossing and uncrossing my legs and moving around in the chair.  Made me hold my arms funny, like a Barbie doll. 

Abilify - worked great but made me wake up all night.  Same thing with the arms but worse. 

Geodon - at 60 mgs did nothing for rocking back and forth and pacing, gave me mild migraines, shakiness in limbs at times, and the same thing with the arms but worse.  Started not just rocking back and forth but pacing around thinking the same thoughts over and over.  At 120 mgs did nothing, gave me backaches, had a scary experience last night where my train of thought was jumbled words and disturbing images, all very fast. 

Now pdoc wants me to go back to 60 mgs for almost a week before I call him.  I really don't think that will help and I'm finding it hard to trust him even though he's supposed to be good with medication. 

I DON'T WANT TO TAKE AN AP ANYMORE.  I can't take this stupid thing with my arms that I seem to get with all of them.  I think the Geodon is causing my agitation.  I want off it. I don't want to go on Seroquel. I sleep too much already.  He doesn't prescribe Zyprexa.  I want off. I want to try just mood stabilizers.  I hate this. 

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Anxiety and agitation, plus a tendency to feel fuzzy in the head.  I think this is part of hypomania and ought to be covered by the mood stabilizers but I think he thinks it's separate and needs its own treatment.


Well, in my non-doctor opinion, I would agree with your supposition that it is part of hypomania.  I tend to get the same symptoms with mild hypomania.  Mild being a relative term, as in not totally nuts.  If you are on two mood stabilizers and you are still having these problems, perhaps he believes you need an AP to tame the mania.  Have you tried any other mood stabilizers?  From what I hear, Topamax works pretty well for mania for some people.  Don't know about the others, but it may be worth giving them a shot if you don't want to be on an AP.

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