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28 yr old male w/ Schizoaffective

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I'm 28, have voices, somatic hallucinations, sometimes olfactory or gustatory. In the recent past I had some visual.


I also have delusions of control, and it feels like I can't control my bowels or my bladder, like I'm being forced to go 

to the bathroom. This happens nearly every time I go to the bathroom.


I have a really bad case of anhedonia, and I'm not sure if this is the same as depression.


Mainly the somatic hallucinations are my problem. The voices a close second. 


I have constant pressure in my head, that moves and changes when the voices want it to. I get somatic hallucinations

of headaches, gas pains, nausea. 


I was diagnosed in 2005 with Bipolar w/ psychotic features but they changed it to Schizoaffective in 2012.


I was delusional and psychotic from 2005 till 2006 then got better until 2008 when my delusions snuck back in, and

this led to having a breakdown and hearing voices, somatic hallucinations (pains, headaches), and delusions of control.


This duration of untreated psychosis lasted from 2009 till 2012, and I'm still looking for relief with different meds and not

finding enough. I'm thinking about trying Clozaril.

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Hey, I have enjoyed many of the same experiences you have. It makes it hard to sleep at night when you can feel something slithering over you as you lay in bed. I am glad you found the forums, and I look forward to talking with you.

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