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Venlafaxine vs. Brand Effexor

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Hey guys,


I was dropping in to ask if anyone has taken both Effexor and the generic and if there's any differences?  My nurse says that sometimes patients do have issues switching between brand name and generic. 


I've been considering switching to generic for financial reasons.  Effexor is real expensive, just wondering if anyone here has any experience with this, or knows of any differences/problems people had switching between the two.


I get different stories from different people.


Thanks in advance.

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I had problems when I switched from Effexor XR to generic venlafaxine ER (extended release). It started to "poop out". I switched back to Effexor XR and it started working again. Weird. I read that the problem is with the different release mechanism.


I believe some people don't have a problem with it though.

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