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Bipolar confusion worries medical experts

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Hey folks,


Firstly,  apologies for my lack of input since joining the site recently.  

I seem to be suffering a case of posting traumatic stress disorder  :huh:  (impending hypo may alleviate symptoms... god help you all)



In the meantime, I would welcome comments on the article linked below which I read today on a local Australian news site. (Hope the link works... I'm not too good on the techy stuff)


To be honest, the article has disturbed me a little,  and I'm wondering if it should have, or if its really nothing we didn't already know/suspect.


Thanks for any input.





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I love your name!


The article does not contain new info. The time to properly diagnose BP (2 especially) is 10 years. Not sure where that stat comes from but you read it a lot. DSM is changing and will make it easier to diagnose depression as BP2. My take is simple - if antidepressants work, cool. If they don't, try stabilizers. Label it whatever you want. I think DSM is just encouraging docs to trial stabilizers sooner than 10+ antidepressant failures.


I'm not so sure that there is a major distinction in treatments for BP1 and 2. Stabilizers work differently for different people and side effects can be a major factor. In the States, I think the new antipsychotics are becoming a more favored treatment. Lithium fell out of favor but is making a come back, or so I hear. Sorry. No sources. Maybe someone else will come along with them.

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