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I have just found this site and have a great feeling about it. I usually lurk awhile but this seemed exactly right.

Of course I could be influenced by the fact that I am having a "day off" from Effexor before I start Pristiq.

I love the feeling of withdrawal don't you?


So about me:

I have been suffering from depression for most of my life but was not diagnosed till 1993. I have been on some med or another ever since. I have pooped out on many and/or had poor results with most.


Effexor has kept me at least at a functional baseline but now, oh goodness yes, I am told I can actually feel like 'normal' people feel if I just try this new magic.


I would love to hear from anyone who has experience, the ugly, the bad and (dare I dream it?) the good.

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Welcome to Crazyboards!  I always ask new people to read the rules, so I hope you will do that when you get a chance.


I think a lot of people here have spent years trying to find the right med, or combination of meds.  It's extremely frustrating.  I hope the next one is the magic one for you and helps you to live the life you would like to have.



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