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Windows 7 Bug- Missing "new folder" shortcut in right click desktop drop down

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So, I've been hunting around about this, and seen various proposed solutions to the issue.  But it seems to have come up for many people.  


It's actually an issue on someone else's computer, not mine.  


I guess one day he started up his computer and when he went to create a new folder via the right click short cut on the desktop, the option just wasn't there any more. He hadn't done anything out of the ordinary, which I was a little... suspicious about.


But after reading several accounts of similar situations, it *seems* that it might just... happen. 

From the observer point of view anyway.



Anyone encounter this and have a way to address this in which I might not end up tearing my hair out?


I mean I would rather work on it with some kind of solution in which I could actually contact the person providing the possible solution.



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