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I've been on Prozac 20mg for 26 days.  This was a transition after the Effexor stopped working (for my depression).  I did a ten day taper then started the prozac.  

The prozac has increased my anxiety by 100 percent.  My pdoc wants to increase the Prozac to 30 then to 40mg.  I'm wondering if anyone still

experienced the anxiety after 26 days on the Prozac.  I wake up and my hands are shaking and I had a full blown panic attack last week.  I'm taking Klonopin for the anxiety...but 

still having some break through.  I have been unable to return to work.



My thoughts are going back to the Effexor and augmenting it with something - b/c I feel like the Effexor was treating my anxiety really well or

stay on the Prozac - possibly increasing it to see if it will treat the anxiety component.


Any thoughts?

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