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I probably already made this topic!

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Because I can't remember shit! And if someone else has, I don't know. Probably? Sorry.


I feel like this is severe, to me anyway. Kind of alarming.


I go to the kitchen to get OJ, end up looking for it in the pantry, then staring at the fucking pantry for and eternity before I say "Oh, yeah, OJ!" Go to the fridge, pick up some freaking yogurt, shake my head and get the OJ. Then I need to get a cup. Grab a coffee filter instead. Stare at the cabinet for an eternity before I say "Yes! Cup!" and then I stare at the cups for a while, because I freaking forgot again. Just like that. In two seconds.


I fumble around the kitchen like that ALL FUCKING DAY. I get it right on the first try on occasion, but that doesn't happen very often. I'm fine in the shower, sometimes I wash my hair with conditioner or forget to condition my hair or try and do things out of order all the time (I have always had a VERY specific order in which I do things in the shower. It unsettles me to fall out of that). 


Fucking with the TV remote is an ordeal. What fucking button did I mean to push? That one? NO! Okay. . . guess we'll stay on THIS channel for a while.


I can't count how many times a day I look for something in the wrong place, stare for a while, then eventually get it right. I hate that. I don't remember what I've told someone already and repeat myself often enough. I can't remember what someone told ME and have them repeat themselves often enough.


There's something else though. Sometimes I THINK it's because my brain is distracted by other thoughts, I guess. But not all the time. I could be thinking of absolutely nothing and this happens.


P-doc said it was the Valium, so I'm tapering off it now. It's going just fine really. 


But I've heard that people may have these problems with the other two meds on, Lithium and Lamictal, though I think I hear it more about Lamictal.


Anyone else losing shit tons of cognitive function like that? I mean, it's really bothering me. What helps? I don't want to feel like an 85 year old woman. I'm 27. 


Feel free to delete it if these kinds of threads are too frequent. I just wanted to know if this seems rather severe to anyone else and if there's anything they did about it, or whatever? 



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My guess would be the Lamictal.  While it is not known to be dumbing down med, any anticonvulsant can have that property.  Topamax is by far the worst offender.  The Valium could be doing this to you, but it's more notorious for its amnestic effects.  In any event, most folks usually do acclimate their way out of the Stoopidz in time.  But it often takes months.

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Man, I've been on this combo for about a year now. I wish it was something that would go away, but I don't think it will. P-doc was pretty certain that it was the valium, but I thought it may be the :Lamictal. Then, I HAVE been on a benzo regularly for like, four years, so there's that.

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