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I'm 18 years old and have been diagnosed with BPD and samething else (f60.3 and f29) about two months ago.I was hospitalized for 2-3 weeks for hearing voices, getting into fights, and fighting a lot with family members. Before that i had a different diagnosis(maybe because i was a minor) F92, and F23. When i was out of the hospital the doctors gave me Zyprexa velotabs 10mg, Diazepam 10 mg two times a day, seroquel xr 300mg and depakine chono 500mg two times a day. I hope i fit in the legal age for registering and that its not 21. I feel pretty isolated at the time and I often abuse the drugs the doctors gave to get high and smoke marijuana with my friends. Also now I take all that and Zoloft 50mg, so I'm now on five different drugs. When i was at the hospital i met my girlfriend and we are together for about moth and a half now. She doesn't believe me that i have BPD or anything else, she thinks that I'm normal but that I'm just addicted to pills.

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