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Astrology and BP

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I'm interested in reading the astrological natal wheel charts of people with BP, to see if we have anything in common. The birth chart, a wheel, shows where the planets where, in what signs, and in what houses when you were born.

To do this, I need to know your exact birth time and birth place. This is for research purposes and because the natal chart is very personal information, I do not need to know your name and will not reveal this information to anyone. I will only analyze the chart in comparison with other BP people, including myself and my late father, and when I have read hopefully about 20 charts, I will send my findings in statistical form to the volunteers, and post them as statistics in a new thread on this board. I will put this in normal English and not in Astrological wording.

If you would like to help, you can PM me with this information. I am not here to give free natal chart interpretations, only to compare charts to look for anything we BP people may have in common.

Even if you do not believe in astrology, it cannot hurt to give me this information to analyze. I would like to get the biggest sample possible so the statistics can be reliable.

Thank you!

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There was just a "reply" from "me" on this thread I found that wasn't posted by me! WTF is going on?

Anyway, I'm continuing to collect information from all you volunteers. I'm the astrologer looking at your charts, I don't use software except to do the math for me, and I don't use books except for quick reference. I have 5 years of private practice astrology and have worked for on-line spiritual websites.

Those days are over! I no longer feel it is right to accept money for this information. What I am doing now is just to get a sense of if there is anything common in our charts.

If any of you have simple questions, not like "does he love me?" but something about yourself you'd like to explore and it isn't a full consultation or anything, just pm me personally. I don't charge for this stuff and don't need to know your name.


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