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My Hair! My Hair!

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Guest PinkToo2grrl

OK, so I have been hypervigilant on my hair sitch since I started depatoke for fear of ye old bald lady syndrome.  I have been driving DW crazy showing her my hair and all the weird things that I think have been happening to it to which she just calmly and ever so patiently replies ... "Honey, you are not going bald."  and then goes back to her book/magazine/tv show.

so i go to the DW this morning and go "LOOK at this!!!  The top of my head is one texture (smooth), the bottom is different! (coarse/frizzy).  See! "

And she calmly replies, "ok, that is true, but that would have taken at least a year (due to the length of the differently textures hair), so its not the medicine."

so the lighbulb starts to go from dark to dim to heyyyyyyyyyyyyy wait a minute, maaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyybe this has to do with hoooooooorrrrrrrrrrrmones!!!

when i was in fifth grade or so, my hair went from fine to coarse.  this was also around the time i started getting MI, and all kinds of other pre-adolescent hormone based changes started.

so, what I am wondering (and yes I said all that to say this) is if hormones are somehow connected to hair texture, and if maybe i am starting a subtle hormone shift.  (I am 42). 

whatcha'll think?

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