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Hi Everyone

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My name is Shelly, obviously I'm new to this forum.  I'm not sure how this forum works, but I figure that I'll figure it out pretty soon.  :P


I'm a single mom of four amazing teenagers.


I feel like I've been "diagnosed" forever, but it's been relatively  short three, almost 4 years.  PTSD and BiPolar.  I'm hoping to get some information from this forum as well as make some new friends!



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Hi, Shelly and welcome to our happy asylum.


Please read the user agreement if you didn't do that when you signed up---it will give you an idea of how we operate.


Don't be afraid to ask questions---we don't bite....much. :)  Also, we have blogs, and that's a great place to vent or talk about your day or just babble.  I babble a lot in my blog: it's very therapeutic.



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