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Is it my fault? Have I given myself a bad reputation?


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Are you for real?

There are several flaws in which you sided with this "family friend"...

1: Yes agreed my future partner will have to find out about my suicide attempt anyway BUT why not from me, where she can get the real true story, Instead of from gossip which may be exaggerated and twisted, where she might have to believe the gossip or ME? Her parents? HELLO??

2. Wouldnt it be best for *her* to know as the relationship is going, as to BEFORE. I come across as an unstable whack job otherwise? Again "may"...

3. People gossiping about someone who tried to kill themselves? It will put some people off, yes not all. Again are you for real?

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Wow. They aren't taking the side of your so-called friend, they are telling to own your own actions. No one can "make" you make a suicide attempt. As Eleanor Roosevelt said: "No one can make you feel inferior without your tacit consent." That's on you. You are really resisting the reality that you made that suicide attempt. No one held you down and forced you do to so.


People have gossiped about both my one suicide attempt, plus my plan to kill my mother and myself. So fucking what. My husband knows every detail (that I can remember) about my mental illness. I told him I was bipolar on our second date. My close friends know my history, in less detail, but they know, and they knew shortly after they met me.


And basically I "came out" about all of it to my entire law school in an article for my law school journal. Including suicidal feelings, and murderous urges. I seriously cannot think of one friend who has "left." Not from law school, not from college, not from high school, or anywhere else. In fact, most of them thought, "Oh, THAT explains it," and were happy they knew part of what made me tick. They weren't stupid, they knew there was something "off."


Do you really think that the only partners that exist are the ones in current your circle? Plus, how do you know that no one else in your circle of "friends" has made a suicide attempt? Would you kick them to the curb if they had done the exact thing you had done? Again, wow. You need to grow up.


And you are planning on keeping the fact of your mental illness from future partners? Good luck with that.


You are scared of yourself, get a grip.


Your prejudices against other people who are mentally ill is especially telling. Get a therapist.


ETA: Fuck grammar, my head hurts.

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So whether or not my *family friend* kept it to himself or not it's ' inevitable ' people are gonna find out about my schizophrenia and suicide attempt... "Anyway"?

Is that right?

I'm gonna have to tell people.... "Anyway"?

No sir, I keep my schizophrenia and suicide attempt to myself., thats my choice. So really they are not just gonna find out "anyway."

Well, he had the choice to tell people or not. Really no one forced him?

The only child here is the *person* who maliciously spreads gossip about someone elses suicide attempt.

Yes my future partner will find out from me about my suicide attempt, depression, schizoprenia at MY time, not from gossip(too late).

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