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Noisey Neighbor Woes


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Guest PinkToo2grrl

I think its a very common problem.  Do not hesitate to contact the management co, or the landlord.  Check your lease, there may be a noise clause in it.  Check the town ordinances for noise parameters as well.  I have ongoing issues with noisy neighbors.  I jump at the slightest noise to begin with, and then there was the party boys ... puking at 2am on a thursday night and yelling, and loud rap music w/subwoofer.  Now there's a barking dog.

You can always invite the neighbor into your apt to see how obnoxious his subwoofer is, and maybe that will help.

Get yourself a pair of noise cancelling headphones, and then put on some music that will block the neighbor out and give you some space to focus on your studies.  Ear plugs also help.

Worst case scenario, maybe there's an end unit available, or another unit in the building with quieter neighbors. 

You have every right to expect peace in your own home.  But, neighbors aren't always going to be co-operative, and management co's often dont care as long as the noisy folks are paying their rent.

Either way, you have a right to ask for quiet ... good luck, i hope the situation gets better for you!!!

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My friend had the same problem, expcet her noisey neighbor lived above her.

Her solution....one Friday night she rented The Rocky Horror Picture show, and invited over all her friends who were seriously into it (maybe between ten to fifteen of them), and raised her stereo and pointed it at the ceiling.

Her and her friends continued to sing along as loudly as possible, yelling and screaming the words to the movie...the neighbor was never noisey again.

I guess you could just point your stereo downstairs, and do it on a weeknight, or a time when he might be quiet (if there ever is that as an option).

Best of wishes!


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Hi, heliotropic...

I'm wondering what ever happened with your noisy neighbor problem? Did talking to the management make any difference?

I have the same problem with my neighbors. I've lived in this duplex since 2002, and none of the previous 4 sets of neighbors created the noise these current knuckleheads do. Same sub-woofer problem you describe. I feel like I'm living inside a kettle drum.

I've tried talking with them, and it'll help for a short while. Then it is back to boom-ba-boom-ba-boom. They are stoners/heavy drinkers as well. The last time I went over there, the worst offender of the 3 answered the door, with no shirt on and dripping wet -- and then blamed it on his girlfriend saying, "Oh...I think Carolyn turned it up 'cause she was taking a shower." Yeah, right. And I was born yesterday.

Anyway, I would be most interested in what your experience has been.



PS - berelain326: I wish your suggestion would work for me, but these people are such complete dimwits it wouldn't phase them in the least. It further pisses me off that they are all young college students. I usually like being around college-age kids; all the previous neighbors were that age, so that's not the issue. But in this situation, I come off as the the middle-age grump, and that -- on top of the bloody noise -- pisses me off.

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