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Anyone know FB settings well?

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Okay, so this is totally fucking ridiculous, but I'm bored and I'd like to annoy my 56 facebook friends for a week. I think. I want to change my name to "Narwhal" and then you know, obvious pictures of Narwhals and shit like that. Post as a narwhal, you know.


The problem is that I don't want anyone to know that it's ME. Yeah, I am seriously this bored. And juvenile. Thanks. I just turned 27. 


So I can see that there are certain things that I can change, I might have to delete a couple of albums and see what I can do about my previous posts. I've got a decent plan, so it MAY work. I mean, everyone else has like, 23897587356 friends, so if I don't post as myself for a week, they probably won't even be able to go far enough back to see a Narwhal making my statuses.


Oh crap, this is the stupidest shit ever, isn't it? It's a lot of work for just that.


So, I have about 30 albums, three of which I cannot privatize. That's fine. If I DO privatize them, would I still be able to see the names of the albums if I were someone else?


Then, there's the matter of friends. Everyone knows that they are in a special list of only fifty or so friends. I think I could add to that list shortly. . .but as the narwhal, no one wants to be my friend.


I've thought it out a bit obviously, but there are things that I don't know about, I guess. 


NO, I don't have a life. 


Please don't tell me that this is a symptom of anything but boredom. 


How do I become a narwhal? Is this possible? I'm willing to do the work. I know this is dumb.


If not, just leave a random comment please, so that I don't feel like a moron. You can tell me I'm a moron, that's fine. Just, SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING PLEASE! 


But no, I really do want to be the narwhal.


I have family members. Should I delete them? Just two, but they have the same last name :/

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Just hide photos of yourself, change your first and last name, and enjoy. People do this all the time for frapes, like one of my friends got "Nicholas Caged".


Yeah, but my friends are going to do some investigative work, I know they will. Someone is going to really want to know who the narwhal is. But hiding the pics will work? 


What the hell do I do about previous posts? I mean, they'll know which one is me. The point is for no one to have any clue who I am. Not to just go to my profile and figure it out :( 


If they're really smart, there's that button that you can go to which will show you ALL of your activity, this is on a computer though. I don't know it that's on a phone. I'd be busting my ass to figure out who did that. But that's just me.


Plus I'm hoping to make it a week without getting caught. . . so that I have enough time to educate people about narwhals, obviously. 


Eh, I'll figure something out. Maybe. Just a dumb idea I had while TRYING to sleep last night. 

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I could only think of two solutions.


1.  Create a new facebook account as the Narwhal.  Then you would have to friend everyone but they would not know it was you.  You could say you are a friend in disguise, or something.


2. Just do it!  Change your name to Narwhal and be a Narwhal for awhile.  Leave all the Emperor stuff there for when you wan t to turn back.  I've seen people do this all the time. (well, yeah, they are all teens. heh)

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