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Dealing with Drowsiness

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So school is done is for now and I am finally trying something to new to help with my OCD after my disastrous experience with Paxil. I  am on day 10 with Fluvoxamine at 100 mg (the dosage at 25mg and increased every four days). I am also on Lamictal and Klonipin I am very tired which is oddly the same side effect I hated so much about Paxil. But since the drug is very different in terms of chemical composition, I'm willing to wait a few weeks to see if the side effect decreases.


So how does one live with this side effect? Should I try try to stay active as fatigue eats at me or should I just relax and not push myself? I feel no motivation to do anything and fighting if feels like a chore at times. I have a few things due in a couple weeks (for courses I needed incompletes in) and I hope my energy level returns to normal.

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Luvox is great for OCD. It really does work, at least in my house. As far as the drowsiness goes, give it a while. A month. It should get better. Are you taking it at night? If not, you may want to consider doing so. If it's going to make you sleepy, you might as well take it shortly before you're supposed to go to bed. 

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How are you with vitamins?    I feel like the voice that no one listens to.  It's like "ok these are just common things, no magic what so ever, it can't make a difference"  But If you seriously stick to a somewhat healthy diet (as little processed as possible), throw in some vitamins (B50 Complex is a god-send), at least 8 glasses of water, and some... uggghhh... exercise...  After a few days you'll start noticing a difference.  

I notice when I get off my routine I fall into the bleh cycle.   I can't get over how much of a difference cutting out a lot of processed foods has made too.  Granted I still have my days, weeks, months etc... but its normally because I get into a bad pattern and I have a hard time getting motivated to get back into good routines.    Good Luck!!!

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