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"white beach" or am I just too "PC?"


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I frequent one other forum, city-data.com, which is a forum where people ask questions about different cities. 


One of the forums for Florida, where I live, asked for a "white 1950's type beach town." 


I naively thought that the OP was asking for beach towns with white sands.  I made some comment saying "you mean white sand beach towns, I hope."  I was joking because SURELY no one would ask for a beach devoid of brown skinned people...


But I was wrong.  People on the forum made comments to the extent like "Oh, I knew the PC police would show up sooner or later."


Um, sorry, I don't think not being a RACIST ASSHOLE is being PC. 


Here is the topic in question




Am I being crazy and overly PC? 



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I personally HATE the 'relegation' of basic human decency to "being politically correct."  A huge part of my ire at the concept is that if it actually were so "politically correct" to not be a racist homophobic transphobic misogynistic bigot, those of us who try to point out such covert bigotry would not experience such a backlash for our actions.  But it is no longer socially acceptable to be a blatant bigot, so everybody desperately wants to avoid being called one, and seem far more concerned about their words/behaviour being labeled as racist/homophobic/transphobic/bigoted rather than actually behaving or believing in bigoted ways/things.  So they retort with 'OH NOES HERE COME THE PEEEESEEEEEE POLICE!!!' when you point out that taking away the obvious trappings of bigotry does not magically make a thing ~Not Bigoted~.


Oh, and it may not be socially acceptable to be obviously bigoted, but non-obvious (and in some cases even blatantly obvious) bigoted views are frequently tolerated, allowed, and even encouraged under the concept of "everybody has a right to their opinion."  Like, I'm not talking about merely not censoring people, I'm talking about speaking out against covert and even obvious bigotry and receiving significantly large and harsh backlash for 'not respecting' someone else's opinion, as if opinions are somehow impervious to being incorrect, based on bad or incomplete information, uninformed, flat-out wrong, intolerant, bigoted, etc.


In short, fuck no you are not being 'overly PC' or even being 'politically correct' at all, IMHO.  And in the standards of basic human decency, not just my opinion here.  Accusations of being PC or or 'overly' PC are very common (and terrible) counter-points to anyone who tries to point out bigoted behaviours and views.  Beware of this, expect this, and get used to it if you plan on ever speaking out about this kind of shit in nearly any circle.

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If they think a polite question was "the PC police" then I'd hate to have them encounter me in a dark alley of a thread. IMO, the more people are allowed to go around defending organizations like the Salvation Army and the Boy Scouts with "well, their views are bad maybe, but I still support them because they do so much good", the more they're allowed to make the kind of statements and queries that specifically ask about whether there are too many brown people around, separating a country into "us" and "them", the more people rationalize that it's normal to make rape jokes, that making a racist joke "isn't really racism" or it's funny because it's ironic--

the less and less I want to be a part of the human race at all.

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I'm not too sure,


this is only because I'm English and the only place that isn't 98% white are the inner cities.


But this guy/girl did sound borderline racist. I think the assumptions about the type of place he/she wanted to reside in where there.

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Sounds racist to me.  I spent 10 days at Cocoa Beach in Florida, and one of the things I liked about the place was the diversity.  I saw every shade of white, beige and brown, and interracial couples strolling on the beach.  This is America, and this is what America looks like.  I think the person on that forum is being racist and reactionary.  Who the hell wants to go back to the 50s?



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