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I was in hospital and vulnerable.I was nearly 300 pounds. I literally was eating non stop, so one nurse who was giving me a hard time about my weight since the start said "Gluttony" while I was eating something.

Maybe I should take some responsibility for my behaviour? And at the time a lot of people were being ' nasty ' about how BIG I was?? IDK

I lost trust in the people that are to "help" me now? Am I over reacting?

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Well, that certainly wasn't a very helpful or supportive comment from the nurse. It was downright judgmental. But. Medical professionals get fatphobia forced into them as part of their training. They can't all help it, even though they should learn that compassion is more useful than judgement. Some don't think that way. It makes sense to be scared of their reaction, going forward.


Do you think that you should take responsibility for your behaviour? If you don't - who will?

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I'm sorry that people have made you feel bad about your size, that must be hurtful and I don't think it's ever okay to comment on how someones body is. Should you take responsibility? well that's up to you to decide. Does that behaviour make you feel healthy? Is it a concern to you (I'd guess yes because you made a thread about it). Not all medical professionals are like that, there are both exceptional and mediocre people everywhere.

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what the nurse said was inappropriate and not sensitive.

In terms of should you take responsibility?


It sounds like you are suffering Coe (compulsive overeating). and this will not be solved until you get to the bottom of what is causing it.


Is it anxiety?, depression?, grief? could you bring this up with your pdoc?

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