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New Here and nervous.

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Hey guys,
I am new here. So here is a little bit of back story... I have heard from friends/family for years that they think I am bipolar. I always ignored it even though I had full blown manias and depression and it was really obvious. Last July, I was hospitalized for a suicide attempt. Fast forward to this month... a few weeks ago my GP put me on Celexa. It sent me into a mania. I didn't sleep for days, I was all over the place, and eventually had a pinch of psychosis. When I went to see my therapist a couple weeks ago I was in a hypomanic state. And he knew it. He told me to find a pdoc and get a dx and get on meds. FAST. Yesterday, when a little of my sanity came back, I made a serious attempt to find a psychiatrist. There aren't any that take my insurance and there are only two in 100 mile radius of me that take new patients. I felt frustrated and defeated. I went to a doctor that I had years ago who knows my lengthy history. I told him I don't know what to do. He looked up my chart from when I was hospitalized in July, and said "I don't understand why the first doctor put you in Celexa. You were diagnosed BP in the hospital by the psychiatrist you saw there." I looked at him like he'd grown a third eye and said "Y'know, that would have been good information to know. Why was I never told about it?" He said he didn't know and that he was sorry and then prescribed me lamictal, seroquel, and ativan. Part of me is really nervous to have a GP prescribing me meds but, I really have no other option. I am going to see my tdoc today and I will talk to him about it. Anyhoo, that was a long story and I am sorry. Do any of you think that there is anything wrong with a GP prescribing me my meds? He seemed to know quite well what he was talking about. I just don't want to be put on the wrong ones, but I have hit wall after wall trying to find a pdoc. Thanks for reading this... I am long winded. BTW, these boards rock!!!

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I live in Canaduh, where we have "free" health care if you don't mind waiting for it. No need to worry, it's common practice for GP's to prescribe meds to the mentally ill while they're waiting to get in to a pdoc. In my province it's normal to wait at least three months. I've spent more time under GP med care than with a pdoc. As long as he/she's scheduling regular appointments for you, to monitor your progress on the meds, you should be ok. It often takes a while for you and your doc to figure out the right meds for you, as everyone reacts differently. Make sure to contact your GP right away if you notice any side effect that concern you. 

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It took me several trys with a Pdoc to get a good one and the right cocktail (we hit it within six months though I am thankfull). Lamictal, Seraquel work wonders for me. I'm sorry celexa sent you manic it has been wonderfull for me.

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Welcome to CB! 


It sounds like your best option right now is to stick with your Gdoc.  A pdoc is always the best way to go but given the difficulties you are having obtaining one, consider yourself lucky that your gdoc seems to know what he's talking about.


My vote is that you stick with him until you can get thee to a pdoc.

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Welcome to CB! :)


I also live in Canada, where pdoc's are hard to get. 


I agree with the other posters that having a GP prescribe isn't weird at all. I actually mainly work with a GP, who works very closely with my pdoc. He simply refers me to my pdoc when I become psychotic or something else he doesn't feel comfortable dealing with. As long as I'm stable, I'm happy to work with mainly with a GP.


That said, I hope you can find a pdoc soon, cause they're really important to finding the right meds. It sounds like you found a good GP though. 


Hope you stick around CB! 

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