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Hi Everyone

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I've been lurking off and on for a while.  I'm in my early 60s and have been depressed, anxious, with inattentive ADHD for much of my life. First treated (for adjustment reaction of adolescence) as a teen. The ADHD wasn't formally diagnosed until about 3 years ago. Over the years I've been on many different ADs, herbs, and several rounds of therapy. Some meds relieved the depression, but at some point I'd feel better and then go off only to wind up back in treatment a few years later. I'm also quite sensitive to a lot of meds (not just ADs) and have stopped some due to side effects (constant queasiness, jaw clenching, bruxism, muscle jerks, seeing flashes of light, fatigue, feeling too drugged, etc.).

Have had several career/jobs changes, perhaps from the ADHD and being an adult child of an alcoholic. The last few years I've been struggling to start my own business and helping a friend with his and gradually lost my resilience, got overwhelmed by everything and finally pretty much gave up. Now my husband is planning on retiring in a few weeks, which is provoking more anxiety since I will need to get some type of part-time job, but at the moment I don't think I'm able to do that.

Now, not going out of the house much (combination of not wanting to go anywhere/do anything, along with anxiety and feeling fatigued and out of it on 10mg of fluoxetine). Been spending way too much time on the computer, either trying to slow my mind, avoid other things, or just trying to stay awake, depending on how I feel and what's happening that day. Can't even get the things done that I want to do.

But I'm trying to renew my interest in life, picking up some of my previous interests again, as well as seeing a new Tdoc in a few weeks and still trying to find a AD or combo that does what it should ;–). So don't be surprised if I ask some questions trying to get some new perspectives and hopefully I can help support others too.


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Hello and welcome to CB. Take a look around to become familiar with how "things" are done here and join in when you are comfortable doing so. Also check out the chat feature for "real-time" conversation and the blogs for other discussions.


I look forward to getting to know you.

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Hi, Kittybrain!  I see you have already met Indigo.  She and I are co-Presidents of the Crone Club here at Crazyboards. :)  That is to say, we are in your age bracket, so you aren't alone.


However, I do enjoy getting to know a lot of the young people here, too.  Several of us have blogs, and it's interesting to read them and get a feel for other people's lives.  Also, we have members from all over the world, and I really enjoy hearing about life in other countries.  (I'm in the USA).


Please be sure to read the user agreement.  Contact one of the staff if there is anything you don't understand.



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