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New here. doing good, doing not so good.

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Hey there folks, Im new here. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety as long as I can remember. A briefish history: I was recently diagnosed with BP2. I have spent what seems like millions of hours in talk therapy, gone through thousands of promise laden pills, and have burned bridges to more relationships than I can count. After a bad experience with meds as a teenager I swore them off and have only recently decided to have a do over. About 2 weeks into a Celexa script I went into a wild manic episode. I spent hundreds of dollars, tried (thankfully, unsuccessfully) to cheat on my partner and gave myself alcohol poisoning all within a span of a day or two. After consulting with my doc I took a month off everything (pills, booze, pot) and went back. Ive now been on Lamictal for about 5 days and, while "pretty good" is a relative term, Im feeling pretty good. The biggest problem I have is how to communicate my needs to my partner. Shes amazing and has been supportive all along the way but she also gets bitter. Shell be helpful and supportive one day and slide into resentful and angered state the next. I feel like Im doing everything I can. Im excercising, keeping on my meds, meditating and trying to reverse my negative self talk, but sometimes I feel like nothing I could do would ever be enough.... Anyways, I lost my train of though somewhere along the way but I wanted to introduce myself and see what I can find for support here. I dont have a lot of people in my life who can relate, and I hope I can find that here :) Seems like a supportive community.

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Welcome to Crazyboards.  If you want me to, I can move this post to the Introduction section, which is where people usually post their initial greetings.  However, if you want to hear from some other BP2 folks, we can leave it here.


Please be sure to read the user agreement, so you understand how we operate.


If you want to talk about your SO, you can make a topic in the Relationships forum and people will offer suggestions and advice. 


I'm glad you came here and I hope you like hanging out with us.



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