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Hey everyone :)

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Hi everyone :)

I'm Liz, 21, from Sydney. I'm terrible at writing these things, so I'll try be quick! Years of depression and anxiety eventually left me suicidal and led me to seeing my first therapist and my psychiatrist about 4 years ago. Since then have been diagnosed with MDD, OCD, TTC and AVD.

Been battling alcoholism and sporadic abuse of other substances for a fair while now, and led to a lot of bad relationships, abuse and hospitalisations. 3 month rehab stay last year (longest clean + sober period). Unfortunately a suicidal OD early this year has left me with alcoholic hepatitis, and has therefore forced me off a lot of my meds, as well as a dietary supplement program that was helping me get sober again.

Life's a bit of a mess right now, but I'm hopeful for the future. I have a supportive family, a great psych, and started on DBT, which has been the most helpful form of therapy I've tried yet.

Thank you to anyone who read that, I hope to share in and give support :)

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. Since then have been diagnosed with... TTC and AVD.


Hi and welcome. I am not familiar with these acronyms, and they are not part of CB's glossary: or they could be and I am just not able to see them this morning. Could you bring me up to speed, please?


Glossary  http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/848-glossary/


Take a look around to see how CB operates and I see you have already been posting, so, again welcome!

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Welcome to Crazyboards!  I always ask new members to read the rules, so please do so if you didn't read them when you signed up.


This is a great place for support and information, and I hope you like being a part of this community.



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Welcome! What are you doing to manage your addictions? Your liver can still serve you for a very long time if you begin to take care of it.

Ummm no where as much as I should be? Haha. You're right, I'm still very young and have the opportunity to get on top of all of this now.

Continuing in therapy, and plan to go back to my drug & alcohol counsellor as well. I'd like to go back on my nutritional supplement detox once Pdoc gives all clear (too dangerous to take all the supplements at the moment, until liver functioning improves a little more). I don't like AA or NA very much - stupid, I know. I have found some meetings I don't mind, but they're too far away and social anxiety makes it very difficult to go. I do like SMART meetings though, so I should probably get up the nerves to go back to those. The best thing I've found in my attempts at recovery has been Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, which I work through with Pdoc.

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