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Birth control and psych meds

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So my pdoc gave me the bc lecture since my husband and i are seperated.

Well im on state medicaid which means i cant find a dr to save my life. They only take it if im pregnant. Even the county clinics doesnt take the type of medicaid i have (in my state you have a carrier insurance on top of your medicaid).

So i made an appt with my reg dr. I guess my question is what is the best type to ask for since im on so many meds alredy. That and i conceived two children on the pill so thats out

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Have you looked into any types of birth control you might like?


I would suggest you look into the copper IUD, in the states it's called Paragard. It's a little copper wrapped, T-shaped piece of plastic that is inserted into your uterus during an office visit. It takes all of five minutes. There are no hormones in it, the copper is thought to act as a spermicide. The Paragard lasts 10 years, meaning you only get one inserted every 10 years.


I'm in Canada so, I have a Flexi-T 300 copper IUD and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It doesn't have hormones, so it doesn't mess with my mood. Hormonal birth control makes me crazier and depressed. I love that it just gets inserted once and I don't have to think about it ever again! Mine has to be changed every 5 years though. But still, it's great not to have to think about something every day. 


Also a major plus: The copper IUD has an effectiveness rate of about 99.4-99.8%, making it extremely effective. 


That's just my two cents. Here's the Paragard wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paragard



Some other options that might be good for you would be:


The Mirena IUD. It's a hormonal version of an IUD, it does not have copper. Instead it secretes small amounts of progesterone, which contributes to it's action. It apparently doesn't have systemic effects, but I know several women who would disagree with that. So, take caution if hormones affect your mood. Effectiveness rate: 99.8%.


Another option would be the Nuvaring. Nurvaring is a small, flexible plastic ring that you insert into your vagina once a month. It is hormonal, it works by secreting progesterone and estrogen into your body through your vaginal walls. It works the exact same as the birth control pill, but you only have to remember to change it once a month. It's effectiveness is the same as the pill, so you may have to use caution if the pill wasn't as effective for you. 


Then, there is always condoms. They don't affect your mood, they're cheap and you only have to think about them when it's time for sex. They're very effective if you use them consistently, every time you have sex. However, if you don't think you can remember to use them every time, then they're out. 


A fourth option might be Implanon, which is a piece of plastic that is inserted into your arm and secretes hormones. It works like the pill and the Nuvaring. I think it's harder to get your hands on though, which is why I suggested it last. Nice thing about it is you never have to think about it either. It needs to be changed every 3 years, I do believe. 


Anyway, as you can tell, this is kinda my favourite subject aside from mental health. :P I hope it was some help. 

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Thanks for the reply! I've been looking into the IUD and i hope my gp office does them since i cant see an obgyn with my insurance


I actually had a Nurse Practitioner insert mine. Is there a Planned Parenthood anywhere near you? I know they insert IUD's on a sliding scale fee. 


Good luck!

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I had my Paragard inserted at Planned Parenthood for free because I'm on SSDI and Medicare. Check with PP, they will know about any assistance programs for women's health care you can apply for that are separate from Medicaid. The state program I used was separate and covered gyno visits and birth control for low-income women. 

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