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Panic Much?...

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I had a major panic attack last night, and this morning I am so anxious and paranoid.  I just relocated to a new state, and i haven't seen a pdoc in over 2 years.  Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and questioning is life worth all the hassle.  I have been through some extreme situations within the last 2 years, and am struggling to cope.  I have two small children, and they are what keeps me going.  I am looking for some advice on what I should do or some words of encouragement.  I work part time, and am worried that I will not be able to afford going to see anyone regularly, but I fear that if I keep going as it everything will just get worse.  I feel like I just want to lay in bed all day, if I allow myself to not be busy I feel like paranoia and agitation consumes me.

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Hi Peachy, welcome and thanks for posting!!! I really wanted to send you my best wishes and positive thoughts :)

Please know that you are not alone in how you feel. I'm in a similar situation where I'm having panic attacks alot and feel like I'm going insane. I give you *enormous* credit for still managing your kids and staying sane while having moved to a new state. I admire your courage and wish I was able to be that strong :)


I've lived with severe PA's for almost 10 years and there are a few things I do that help... Whatever you 'like' that soothes you--like a hot bath, or listening to calming music...that helps.  Even something as simple as hugging your kids helps...I always try to get a hug from anyone--even the dog lol--because it helps soothe me. Spending time with your kids doing calming activities might also help you and them as you settle in...playing in the yard, or even making some maccaroini art helps to distract.


I know it feels overwhelming, but your situation inspires me for one! I don't have the guts to leave my H yet and move out of state--my body is desperate to get away from this ugliness, but I'm super-scared inside (plus with my emotional issues I'm terrified they'll flare up and I won't be able to function)...So although we've never met, I totes respect you and think you're awesome for having such courage!


Good luck at your pdoc on Monday! Let us know how you do :)

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