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Introduction of insanity 101

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I am new here to this site. I just moved to a new state to be with family because we lost our house. I have a new room and I live with new people and there are new rules. I don't know anyone here yet

I have been sober for 17 years from alcohol. I go to meetings but I do not know where they are yet. I am on new medicine because I do not have money to pay for medicine. I went to my sister doctor and he gave me 3 months of medicine and told me to come back in 30 days. <maybe we will have money by then> I am trying to remember to be grateful but I am really not. I had a stroke almost a year ago and recovery takes a long time

I love country and rock and roll music. I don't work anymore but I used to work at driver services department and I gave people their driver's license. I love to read the news

I have 2 great kids that are 13 and 11. I have a super husband of over 15 years.He is looking for a job now and he used to work in construction and plumbing

I have a cat named HOWIE and a dog named Sherman

I am glad to find people who have same stuff that I do

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Welcome, Goose!  I'm glad you found this place and I hope it helps you to keep your mind off your troubles a little bit.


I always ask new members to read the rules.  Please do that so you understand how we operate around here.


Don't be afraid to ask questions.  I hope things get better for you and your family.



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