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ive boarded the boarderline train

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Hi, after years of ups and downs, self harm, emptyness and well you know the drill. Ive now been told I have bpd.

I am being passed around like a game of pass the parcel and after thinking 'yes there is a diagnoses I can be fixed' I am now feeling like there is no hope.

So can you guys tell me what to expect.

I was in primary school when things started to become abnormal for a kid my age, I am now 23.ive saw a child psychologist, doctors, councelars, recently a psychotherapist and now referred for dbt, I am worried it will be just as useless as cbt was for me

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What to expect is kinda different for everyone, some people go years never having any input from medical professionals, some people have been aroudn the block with a few diagnoses.


I can't say what DBT will be like for you. I found it more accessible and a lot more useful than CBT, but I did find it felt simplistic at first. I hear that you sound tired and let down, it wouldn't surprise me if DBT came off a little simplistic to you to. The truth is, the stats for people who have been treated for BPD show a good recovery rate, it is a behavioural issue and behaviour can be changed and learned. However that relies on you getting some good care and being able to engage with it and give it a chance. I hope this turns out to be true for you.

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Thanks, ive been quite worried that it will be useless, i dont know what to expect but you are right i am feeling very tired and let down. 
Ive been back and forward to short term fixes for years, after a big breakdown in january i have been pretty much screaming out for help and being passed along the line to someone else. I eventually got the the psychotherapist after loads of research etc and i have put my all into it, to the point that after a session i come home with migranes, she then diagnosed me with BPD, and that was it. No help or info just baisically uou have bpd, medication wont help, il refer you for dbt.

So now i feel all that effort was for nothing because yet again i have to now start with someone else. And the biggest issue i feel i have is when ive read info on bpd it is repeatedly stated that we are seen as time wasters, when all ive done is try to get help. 

Thanks, il have a mooch around the board and see how other people feel and cope etc, hopefully get some help :) 

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That perception exists, but not all professionals take that view. Seeing someone with BPD as hopeless is as prejudiced as assuming all professionals will be 'useless'.


It sucks to be passed along, it is hard to diagnose personality disorders and get treatment, so your experience is not unusual, sadly.However your research got you a diagnosis and a referral, so that is not all wasted. There is no quick fix, you will likely have to work with someone new, I know how frustrating that can be. But I know that many people with BPD get so angry with the system that they get the offer of help and then refuse it to express how mad they are.


If DBT is on offer, grab it. You may not see at first try how useful it is. If you refuse it, you may be offered less treatment. It is the gold standard for BPD and meds will help treat depression etc, but there aren't specific meds to treat BPD to eradicate it.

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