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So I bought a 355ml beer

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Short answer? No.


If you look up almost every med though,  they tend to have an 'instant death' syndrome warning on the packaging which is mostly a CYA clause for pharma companies.  So saying 'no' is not taking into account what meds can supposedly do, even though that would be a fluke of tremendous proportions and wouldn't even require alcohol.


That being said, folks tend to lean on the cautious side when discussing alcohol and meds.  It has been known to , and quite easily does: fuck with moods, complicate med interactions (even in small amounts), have paradoxical reactions to meds and so forth.  It also doesn't play well with MI as a general rule.  It tends to be too volatile in its effects.


Exercise caution if you 'must' drink and med, and give it a miss if don't feel have the 'occasional ' drink is all that important?

That's would be a longer answer.



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I don't know about the rest of your meds but I caution against drinking after taking a clonazepam. 


...I've done it many times (drank way too much, even) and every morning when I woke up I was happily surprised to find myself alive.

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I agree with those who have said "don't drink" with your psych meds. It will mess with your blood levels of various meds (especially lithium and Depakote), and you really want those to stay stable. As for taking benzos and drinking, realize that you are double-dosing each. So 2x the sedative dose.


I unwittingly (I mean, I just wasn't paying attention) mixed champagne and Xanax at a wedding one night, and now I have a conviction for DWI on my record. I was drunk, and I was driving, but I would never have made such a stupid decision if I hadn't mixed the two.

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My friend drank on a benzo, ended up assaulting a group of police officer, getting beaten up by the police officers, getting thrown in a psych ward and then jail for an extended period of time, all because he wanted to have a few drinks on New Years. Not a good idea.

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I take benzos daily, and drink a couple of times a month, with my pdoc's approval. In fact, being allowed to drink in moderation has been true with every pdoc I have ever seen, and I have been under treatment for 25 years.


Why don't you ask your doctor? You shouldn't base your treatment decisions on other people's experiences, and anecdotes about your meds. Certainly, don't take a handful of Xanax and swig a bottle of Tequila. But if your pdoc thinks it is okay, you might be able to drink in moderation.


My pdoc even let me have one glass of champagne for my 10th wedding anniversary on Geodon. Of course, I promptly threw it up. But the point is, my doctor told me exactly how much he would allow me to drink on that med, and had a very good idea of what I drink in general. He has never had a problem with it, and he's the one prescribing me the benzos.



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