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Paranoia is often described as irrational beliefs, but I think that's bullshit [and rationality is a subjective thing].


But what if your beliefs are possible, and perhaps even true? How do I deal? I think extreme vulnerability to criticism (social or whatever) is common to persons vulnerable to mental illnesses. What if I have both irrational and rational reasons to believe that people are talking about me; how does one get over that?

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i think for me the question is one of functionality.  i don't konw that i'll ever not have what others consider irrational/delusional beliefs on some level... and there is no giant book of truth to know where that line really lies...so you either ascribe to consensus reality and if you can't fully then you try to live within it.  that's where functionality lies.


can you live within it?


can you function on a practical self care level or not?


can you sit with the thoughts and then still see that there's breakfast to be eaten and a world outside to visit?


if not, then for me eventually it'll boil over.


if you can, then you just keep on keeping on and try to reduce stress and surround yourself with supportive people...take on habits that are more constructive than destructive...and as melissa said, get sufficient sleep.


i dont' know if that helps but it's all i can think of.  be well.  x

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