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Yep, but I am taking doses similar to or lower than those who take it for depression. ~1mg. I just feel better on medication like this and risperidone than any of the more atypical atypicals.

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Info about flupenthixol:

Umm where im from you can only get flupenthixol as an injection. The tablets were discontinued years and years ago.

I heard it does have an "antidepressant' effect though.

Flupenthixol was the last *typical antipsychotic* to be released before clozaril, zyprexa ect.

What is your exact question?

[if it works for u...keep taking it???]

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typicals are far better for me overall.  i find most atypicals create problems that then require more meds than the problems typicals create.  i'm also more stable on them. i am back on zyprexa again, too, though because there are some gaps in what injections will address for me.  i will admit though that atypicals are far easier for me to discontinue and that's prolly created a fair share of the problems.  still...i found the side effects of many simply unlivable...far more so than present or future with typicals.  besides...when it's a struggle to make it through today...i can't make tardive dyskinesia that might happen in another ten to twenty my bigger priority, if you know what i mean.

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