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Don't know where to begin, LOL

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Hello to everyone :)   Like the topic title says "I don't know where to begin" LOL.  I have a long list, so will shorten it so you all don't zzzzzz's off while reading my post, tehe.


I'm so glad to be here and thankful I was approved to come to this website.  Have been reading through several postings and am very impressed with the knowledge that is shared here and not to mention the carrying and empathy.


My general diagnosis is "mood disorder" which encompasses alot.  Basically I am "atypical" or NOS -> not otherwise specified".  I don't fit alot of criteria, things are constantly shifting and my diagnosis shifts with it.  As I move from one insurance provider to another, so does my diagnosis.  It gets rather confusing. 


I have been reading through all your terms and conditions and agreements so I get off on the right start.  Again, thank you for letting me be here.  I hope I can help and be helped. 


Take good care ~ 


Dewey or De

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Welcome to CB!  We're happy to have you here and I hope you stay long enough to get to know some of the other members.


Be sure to check out chat and the blogs if you have the time.



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