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greetings + salutations

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Hi there, lovely creature.


...god, i'm a bundle of nerves. I made this account five months ago, but then the perfectionist and sociophobe in me kept me from ever even completing an introduction...so terrified that I'll say the wrong thing.


A List of Things About Me:

  1. I'm 17, female, Ethiopian, and mostly into girls.
  2. My diagnoses so far= depression + social anxiety + possible non specific psychotic disorder.
  3. I think I developed bulimia... :| I can't stop obsessing over my body. I'm pretty fucking stupid, I am aware.
  4. I'll be studying biology in college next year. I love helping people- it's one of the few things that gives my life meaning. The idea that others can benefit from me even if I am unhappy/dissatisfied forever helps get me through my suicidal phases...
  5. Art/music/literature= the other most important things to me. The problem is that depression has made it SO DIFFICULT to enjoy them. 
  6. I constantly feel myself drowning in ennui...in my opinion, depression = complete/utter boredom. It's horrific. I hate it. I HATE THIS.

I'm very glad to meet you! I tend to overanalyze everything, especially when it comes to social interactions, so I apologize in advance...Feel free to, um, say hello. I'd be honored to be your new friend.

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Hi, maggot.  You are very welcome here and don't worry about what you say.  We have a bunch of crazy people in this place saying all sorts of stuff.


However, I couldn't read most of your post because my eyes gave out.  If you use tiny print and a light color like your introduction, some of us old bats will not be able to read your entries.  That would be a shame, because I would like to get to know you.


Let us know if we can help you with anything.



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