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Delayed sleep phase disorder

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Any1 else have this, its basicly a 25-30hour sleep cycle, imagine having to go to bed 1 hour earlier and waking up 2 hours earlier every day and night to keep your job, its not like that exacly but similar.


I have had it since I can remember always ariving at school late and even work, I dont work because of it and I am currently at a mental rehab center who are trying to find me work at home where it doesnt matter what time I sleep and wake. 

If they cant I am going to collect disability which I have been elegible for and have avoided for over a decade. This condition is so hard to fight and either way it affects quality of life, going to bed on time is hard sometimes impossible and waking up is a pain. In my case it is progressive as well where now I sometimes go 24 hours without sleep because I need to rapidly adjust my bodyclock for an important event.

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i do.  it sucks and it's exhausting.  developed it last year, almost complete change of meds since then, still don't know why it happened.  it is indeed very very hard to treat.  taking meds to knock me out at the "right" time at night might work, but it doesn't change things on the "right" time to wake up.  i've actually had suicidal thoughts trying to wake up/stay awake/force physical movement in the morning for HOURS... it can be that hard .  once it goes on day after day after month after month it's easier to just give up and sleep whenever.  people don't understand that when i say i can't wake up, i'm not kidding.  i really CAN'T, it's like someone slipped me an ambien an hour before the alarm goes off.


however delayed sleep phase is depression's best friend, sort of like insomnia is mania's best friend.  depression loves fucked up sleep, so it really has to be treated.


it has taken me ten months to get to being able to sleep by 1am, and awake at (or before on a good day) 10am.  a few times i used the 24hour sleep deprivation to help fix my clock and break the depression a little, especially when i have something important happening, too.


what's helping a little, over time, is to take melatonin as the sun is going down, then using a lightbox in the morning at whatever time i awaken.  i try to use sleep hygiene stuff, i admit i'm not the greatest about adhering to not watching tv or using the computer before bed.  acutally i rely on tv to put me to sleep so i don't lay there ruminating for hours.  sleep meds only make mornings harder so i don't take anything heavier than melatonin at night (and other meds of course).


i just got back from a trip where i spent a few nights "camping" (i say that in quotes because the camper is nicer than my apartment).  being more aware of the sunset and sunrise, plus the fresh air and actual silence, helped a lot.  now i'm back in an apartment with limited windows and city noises, and i can tell the difference.


anyway, yeah.  i'd never heard of delayed sleep phase until it became my personal enemy.  my treatment has been extremely difficult since that fucking phenemenon started to contol my days and nights.  i hope yours gets better with whatever regimen you and your docs come up with.

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I don't know if your case is non-24 hour rhythm disorder or delayed sleep phase (DSPS) -- They are separate issues, at least in the medical lexicon.


It sounds more as if the problem is DSPS, as it's difficult for you to get to work/school on time and are therefore debilitated.  I actually have the same problem too, and it's not helped by the fact that I live in an area where 'solar noon' occurs at 2PM, and high humidity delays the warmest time of day clear to 6PM.  We don't hit the low of the daily temperature charts until after most people are awake.


Wish there was a way I could ask the registrar to reschedule classes 2 hours forward due to this fact. :smartass:  Meanwhile, I use extra-bright lighting in my room until about 8PM (when it's still bright daylight outside during the summer) and shutter my windows. :brooding:

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I was diagnosed with DSPD, if this place doesnt find me a work from home job its gonna suck having to tell people I am on disability and for a sleep disorder, most people are like oh its hard to wake up in the morning I hate waking up blah blah.


There is always the option of how I handle it... a stimulant (modafinil or methylphenidate) in the morning + caffeine atop that, but that might not be the healthiest way to do things.  At least I was able to make 9AM classes 2-3 times a week during my Master's degree and still pull an A- GPA.


As someone with DSPS, you still are capable of working a whole workday, just in a later phase.  If it's not that severe (i.e. you can't get to work until 10AM), many jobs will accommodate if they have 'flex time' for work hours.  There's also the work from home idea as you suggested, and I recommend pursuing that option too.  Way better than being on disability -- if you have in-demand talent then you can be paid a lot to work from home.  I suggest you work closely with your rehab center so that they find you a position you deserve.  Best of luck!

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I have this too. If I don't knock myself out with sleep aids there's no way I'm getting to bed before 5 AM. Of course, I can sleep all I want during the DAY.. but as soon as that clock hits 11PM I'm suddenly wide awake instead of the groggy mess I was moments earlier. Sucks SO BADLY.

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I've had insomnia for 13-15 years.  I have a problem with delayed onset (Bipolar I and ADHD too).


If I could pick one condition to fix and live with the others it would be the insomnia.


I finally told my wife and kids this morning when they run in the room screaming at 7am it would be like me running in and screaming in their room at 2 am.


Wife doesn't understand.  Doesn't really give a fuck honestly.


I had a couple of jobs working night shifts and it was WONDERFUL.  I suspect DSPS because if I am left alone for a couple of days (how often will that ever happen with wife and 7yo/9yo) and don't take any of the myriad of sleep pills, I can fall asleep easily at 3am and wake up around 11am feeling fully rested.


How do you fit this kind of BS into an 8 to 5 world?


I was on ambien (up to 30mg) for about ten years until my wife announced she was going to divorce me unless I stopped taking it because it made me say weird/mean things and do weird stuff.  


I think/know I was physically dependent on it because I'd take 5mg during the day, like a xanax, to deal with stress.  It was a wonder drug for racing thoughts, tinnitus, akathisia.  Of course I did some stupid stuff too and nearly ruined my life.


So, cold turkey 8 months ago...  Now I have a carousel of pills next to the bed.  Ativan, seroquel, trazodon, remeron, zyprexa....


(low dose on the AAPs and remeron).


NOTHING WORKS for more than 3 days.  


I feel your pain.  Thank God I'm seeing pdoc tomorrow (although he dismisses the side effects of these as me being a pansy).  


Between the insomnia, the panic, the akathisia...   I don't know.   I turn 42 in a month and I'm at the point that I am utterly unconcerned about being put on a benzo or worse (which I've avoided).


BZRA's are going to be out.  Or a divorce.  Didn't get good quality sleep anyway.


He wants to stay away from anti-depressants due to manic possibility (happened before).


Temazepam - I could take HANDFULS of the stuff at lunch and go back to work.  Absolutely nothing.


Ativan - 4mg under the tongue and I'l drift off gently two hours later


Zyprexa - great... As long as I take it at 5pm (5mg) and it will finally "kick in" around 11.  Works for three days.  Builds up in my bloodstream and then I'm a zombie.  I will sit at the computer for 5 hours and realize I haven't typed or clicked anything.


Seroquel - Wonderful go-to drug.  Three days.  Face/nose swell shut due to the a1 blockade.  Nose spray/strips mandatory.  Wake up with tongue stuck to roof of mouth and can't form words for a couple of hours.




One drug, other than Ambien, was completely effective.  I bought some estazolam (ProSom) from a shady Mexican pharmacy once when I was down their on a mission trip for church.  1mg - gentle sleep, awake alert... wonderful.


Except they apparently don't dish the stuff out in America because it's a naughty benzo.  Who cares?


I agree with you.  I'd rather be dead.  


As you can tell from the novel I just wrote I'm on a manic upswing after a horrible dysphoric episode since January.  THAT's gonna help sleep... lol!


So glad to know I'm not alone.  Thank you for posting.

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emsed1 --


Maybe you're going to think I'm strange for saying this, but I say props to you for telling your wife and kids that running into your room screaming at 7AM is like you running into theirs is like you doing the same to them at 2AM.  At least the wife should try and work around this, since DSPS is common.  I'm sure she worked around the fact your eyes were a different color than hers, so this shouldn't be too much more (hopefully).


I think estazolam is available quite readily here in the States, but doctors might not like to prescribe it.  I think it's one of those 'marginalized' drugs like buprenorphrine, oxycodone, clonazepam, amphetamines, Halcion, etc. -- High danger of patient misuse when put into the wrong hands.  As per RXList.com, estazolam is C-IV in the US, nowhere near oxycodone and the amphetamines (all C-II).


More importantly, though, count me in for those who don't know when to sleep (or get up for that matter).  My grades were universally the lowest in my first session classes when I was in high school, which caused us to wonder why I alternately stunk at Math, English literature, Chemistry, History, and just about any other subject I attemped to learn at 7:30AM.  I probably would have been better off going to sleep at 3PM (when I got home) and waking up at 10PM.

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I've been diagnosed with this too. It developed when I was 13. It's just terrible. So hard to control. I do find that I wake up and fall asleep progressively later so that at some point in the cycle I will be sleeping normal hours and at another point I'm asleep all day and awake all night. Right now it's partially controlled with Remeron. I'm falling asleep at around 1-2AM and waking up around midday. Previously I had it totally under control with Seroquel, but after about a year it stopped working. I've tried readjusting my sleep pattern in a number of ways but I've found that it just won't stay put. I have a lot of trouble getting up any time earlier than my body wants me too. I don't know if that's poor willpower, laziness or just par for the course with DSPS. Pdoc wants me to see a sleep specialist. I have before but what they had me do didn't work. I will try again. I really hope I don't have another ten years of this ahead of me. Frankly, I've got enough problems without it.

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