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I was talking to a friend who I found out has BPD, she once said I think about things too much, so yesterday we were talking about personality disorders and I asked what she meant by I think about things too much and she said in conversations. We were also talking about empathy, I said well if I am not analyzing what you are saying what am I suppose to be doing? Derping?? And she thought about it and said people usually empathize throughout the conversation.
It is a fact I found out that the human mind cant empathize and analyze at the same time.
I cant empathize like my friends can, I never say things like "thats horrrible" or "so sad" at best I would ask why in my head, I dont pull the surprised or shocked facial expression but rather I furrow my brow more like the expression of anger, although I am more confused than angry.
I can recall many times in my life where I should of been empathetic but I was analytical instead. Although I have not been properly diagnosed with NPD, I asked my psychiatrist and he said people cant be empathetic all the time.
My dad always tells me I have no consideration for other people, I really have to go out of my way and use extra brain power to consider other people for example in a car on a cold night I will have my window open without consideration for the people in the back, this is recurring.
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