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Well, hi I've been nuts for bout 10 yeas now, and let me tell ya...its not fun being alone. so I came here, and here I am, I think. Anyways I have been told i am a paranoid something or another, and have a bad memory. they drugged the shit out of me for having a photographic memory as a child...so now I'm loco. that's all for now.

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Well, Hi yourself! Take a look around to see how the various forums work, be sure to read the pinned items in each and join in when and where you are comfortable. A great many members gain insight and support in live chat, others blog: examine both!


We are basically a supportive and friendly bunch, so welcome!

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You're right; it's not fun being alone. As Indigo said (above) there is a lot to look at, read about and participate: the forums, the blogs, live chat, etc.  


You are very likely to find people here who can relate to what is going on with you.  I'm so glad I found CB (CrazyBoards) because it's a safe place to talk about mental illness struggles, etc. 


I hope you find support here and are a little bit less alone.  



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