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Yeah Im the mom but I still need HELP!

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Help ... My son is mentally ill, (20yrs old) I still take care of him... he has all kinds of diagnosis , but because its NOT me , I cant get anyone to talk to me and try to help me understand....or at least not totally snap because I have dealt with this rollercoaster for so long....  Now keep in mind I have PTSD, and health related depression and a few other little quirks, that his going completely off the deep end irritates, but I can get noone to talk to me, and tell me what Im doing is right wrong hurtful helpful....  He woke me up at 430 this morning to have one of his intermittent explosive temper moments, but I can find NOONE to talk to... Please direct me somewhere~!

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Hi Kerry.

We're a first person peer site, which means that if you want to talk about your PTSD or other quirks, you're free to do that here.

It also means that we're ill-equipped to help you to cope with your son and his needs, let alone the interplay between them.

Off the top of my head, have you tried getting your care providers to help point you in the right direction? As you've noticed, your son's care providers are unable to do so, either for confidentiality reasons, time, lack of inclination, whatever. Or, have you tried looking into NAMI and seeing what supports there are for you?

Near where I live the big mental health centre has a learning library for families. Do the hospitals around you have anything like that?

I'm going to lock this thread since it's not about you directly. But if you do want to post about your own mental health, you're free to do so on the appropriate forum.

- Rosie (admin)

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