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just joined today, i didnt know that this site existed til 10 mins ago...


i seen u guys have a schizophrenia forum section so i thought i would try this place out...


quick boring details -


i was (diagnosed) as SZ in 2005 (or) 6 not entirely sure...


im sorta anti-social in 3d* & find it easier to go online and communicate with people...


im pretty easy to get along with but i have had moments and time periods where i flipped my shit for no real reason...


and thinking about those times now makes me cringe still...


ive also done and said all kinds of dumb shit where it caused a split within friendships and now i live within an isolated bubble where i am still trying to reach out and find connections with humanbeingpeoplethings...


ok thats my introduction, thanks!!


p.s. i attatched a file just to see what it would look like, sorry


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Welcome!  Lots of people here will understand the "flipping out" and feeling badly/"cringing" afterwards ....  remember, it's often the mental illness doing the talking and not your core being.  That is what's tough.


I'm happy you found this site; there's a lot to read about and different ways to get (and give) support.   I hope you'll find others who have been through similar situations to yours.  


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thanks guys for the replies,


@FlamelessCandle, i like the phrase 'core being' i have often said before (maybe only once) but i told someone, that, if instead of people always pulling the authority lever when confronted with stuff they dont understand, if they would have just TALKED to me, asked me some questions, tried to understand where i was coming from, maybe that would have been enough to snap me back into a somewhat more sensible reality...or at least the person woudl have a clearer picture of the oddness and have a slight understanding of why it is i am doing whatever it is i am doing during those times...and possibly i woudl be able to be more open with whoever in the future, i honestly dunno tho, cause no one ever gets beyond "you are not acting right, i should probably call the police"...haha thanks again for the reply...


@Phoenix_Rising, thanks!!

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Hello Sleep.

What happened to your username and posts on the very magenta sz forum? I'm guessing Emps didn't agree with your posts and nuked you or something?

Anyway, here's what I've gathered from this site. I've been a member on this forum for a few weeks. It's where I went when szforums.com blew up. Haven't posted much, but I've been reading a lot of the posts and they do seem somewhat interesting, a lot more about problem-solution-support vs the general chatter of szforums.com. It also seems this forum is very pro-med, so just a heads up there. Lol.

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hey APOK, cool to see a familiar face!!


no big deal over at the 'magenta' site, i just decided to edit those posts, and as a lame joke i also edited my name...


& honestly i have no quarrel with the whole med/no med thing, it's none of my business what someone decides to ingest or not ingest...


cool to see u tho, thanks for the info!!

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